10 picks for children's bedrooms

September 20, 2017

10 picks for children's bedrooms

If you're anything like us, you dream of having a pristine, design-led children's bedroom that's worthy of featuring on the pages of a glossy home magazine. The reality though is often something different, although sometimes, just sometimes, when their rooms have had a blitz I look around and think "yeah, these look great" (having said that, given that we recently moved and are refurbing, it's not the case right now!)

I'm constantly looking for inspiration on Pinterest, so here's 10 that We Love. You'll see that they're all different in some way or another - wouldn't life be boring if we all liked the same thing!?

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Bringing the outside in
We love the rustic feel of this treehouse cabin bed. Coupled with the reading den below it makes for a cosy warm space for children of all ages. 

Where storage meets playtime
We love how the designer has blended the need for storage (you know how much 'stuff' kids have) without losing space for play - whilst also creating a work of art!  This certainly is a dolls house that you just wouldn't get bored of.

Magical simplicity
Here's proof that treehouse beds don't have to be all bells and whistles. Gloriously simple in muted colours, this design could last into a child's early teens. Again, the raised area, makes way for a snug nook underneath. Lovely. 

Indoor climbing wall anyone?
OK, so not everyone has space for an indoor climbing wall in their bedroom, but how much fun would this be? If you had a raised bed, you could always make this the way in rather than a ladder....

When you want to leave toys out and still look fabulous!
Who wouldn't want a room that you can leave the train track and soft toys out and still make it look like they are totally meant to be there?! I love this room as it is super stylish without losing the sense of fun and playfulness.

Style, storage and relaxation
I always seem to think about children's bedrooms needing to be light, bright and airy, so this one is a bit of a curve ball for me. However what I love about this is the depth of colour makes me think of sleep and relaxation....which is exactly what a bedroom is really for isn't it? (Plus it has a heap of storage thrown in too.)

Pastels that pop
We love how it's not just the colour in this bedroom that brings it to life, but also how the designer has used different shapes to take the storage away from the standard form. So thoughtfully put together, it's definitely a bedroom that a child can grow with.

For lovers of the Scandi look
We love the Scandi look here at BearGood HQ, but can't always seem to pull the clean lines off! This bedroom though is at the top of our lust list. It's got clean lines and a simple style, but still so playful and warm with the could shaped shelving, house shaped desk and bunny bed.

Play and a room with a view
This is so simple, yet such a good idea. Whilst obviously a set rather than a bedroom, we've included it because it would work so well at home. The simplicity of the wall decoration provides a sense of space and brightens up the walls, whilst this bed/fun machine (!) seems to contain everything you need in a child's bedroom...including a slide!

Small can be beautiful
This room is proof that whatever size you're working with, it can always be made to look stunning. Small and narrow, it still exudes style, character and atmosphere as the simple lights and overhead bed frame take it from average to dreamy.

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