We love: BOGO for dogs

February 19, 2015

My friend has a dog. She loves her dog like I love my children.

So when my daughter and I were out shopping and came across Beautiful Joe's ethical dog treats, we couldn't resist. I wanted to check out the brand, but Little Miss was obviously lured by the shiny tin for her furry friend Marvin. Let's hope he likes them!

I like the premise of this product as it has a BOGO (Buy One Give One) principle behind it. For every product sold they will donate the same amount of dog treats to a canine rescue home. Which in my book is great, as these poor creatures must be waiting for someone to want to take them home and love them.

So if you've got a furry friend in the family, or know someone who has, then check them out at http://beautifuljoes.com/ and make even more dogs wag their tail in happiness.

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