Our first event - we did it!

July 01, 2015

BearGood was exhibiting at Best of Britannia 2015 (BoB London) last weekend, and wow what a collection of beautiful products were on show there! 

It was my first brand outing and the first time I had really showcased BearGood's Made in Britain teddy bears, so I was both nervous and excited at the same time. (We couldn't showcase our tees unfortunately, as they're made in Portugal.) Despite copious amounts of research and meticulous care when setting up the brand, I didn't know how it would pan out on the day. I just wanted to make sure that when we got them in to the hands of shoppers, they could feel them, cuddle them and hear our story first hand. 

Which, for all intents and purposes, they did. And they were popular. As were the children's causes we have chosen to support - SOS Children's Villages and Pencils of Promise. You can see some photos of the bears at the show on our twitter feed @beargooduk (photos courtesy of Claire, who incidentally deserves a big 'thank you' for her help).

So now our mission is to get our BearGood teddy bears in to the hands of more people. And to get our super-cool tees in to the hands of some super-cool kids. Because if we do that, BearGood gets to help children live better lives.

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