Update from SOS Children's Village in Chipata

July 28, 2015

It was great to hear the news that the very first cause we supported, SOS Children's Village in Chipata, Zambia, is now home to 130 children! It seems to us like mothers like Jemima have been working above and beyond, in order to make sure that her children are nurtured and healthy.

It's not only the homes where SOS Children's Villages do such amazing work though. In the surrounding areas, SOS operate an SOS Mobile Clinic, treating everything that comes their way from common illness to malnourishment. Read about how the clinic helped Michael and his mum Emelina overcome his malnourishment. Or take a look at Emily, who with 3 children, 2 step children and 2 orphans (after losing her sister and brother-in-law) to look after was struggling to provide for them. With the SOS Community programme she got help that has enabled her to make provisions and care for them all. 

When you read about situations and people like this, it makes me very grateful for the life that we have here, and is also a great reminder of why I set up BearGood. Let's hope that we do so much more for SOS in the future too.


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