We love: Recyclable clothes made from ocean rubbish

August 04, 2015

It's been a while since I wrote about a product that does good. 

So, when I came across and article on Fast Company about Kelly Slater's new brand Outerknown, I was captivated.

We all know that "ghost nets" can be nasty things, trapping wildlife from fish to birds to turtles and even whales to name but a few animals. And there's 640,000 tonnes of them in the sea - I didn't know this fact before I read the article - which I struggle to even visualise/quantify as it seems so absurd.

Fortunately, Outerknown is doing something about it. Working with a non-profit, the Healthy Seas Initiative, volunteer divers collect the nets which are then spun in to the material that is used to make the clothes. Absolute genius.

Take a look at the article here and you can see the products from Outerknown here.

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