We love: Give Me Tap

August 20, 2015

To continue our blog post series on other brands that we admire, and who do business with purpose, let me introduce Give Me Tap.

Inspired as a student who couldn't afford to buy bottled water in the quantities that he drank it at, Edwin Broni-Mensah needed a solution. He was also conscious of the lack of access to clean drinking water around the world for millions of people. 

So he married the two ideas together and came up with a fantastic solution. Give Me Tap. The company created a permanent water bottle that can be refilled for free at a huge number of stores and restaurants, an additional benefit being that it also reduces the amount of plastic at landfill. But here's where the brand does good for more people and not just the environment - it also helps to fund water pumps in Africa. 

As of writing this, 5334 people now have access to client drinking water that they didn't have before. We wish Give Me Tap every success with their great idea.


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