10 Spooktacular and Healthy Halloween Snacks

October 26, 2017

10 Spooktacular and Healthy Halloween Snacks

Not long to go now until it's Trick or Treat time! But if you're conscious about the amount of sugar your kids will be consuming over Halloween, then why not put a few healthy (or healthier) alternatives in to the mix?

We've put together a list of spooktastic treats from around the web that will taste great and be a complete hit with the kids. so if sugar is not your thing, there's no need to miss out on the fun!

Fruity Monster

Aren't these brilliant?! Delicious and nutritious! Simply made from apple, strawberry, sunflower seeds with a dash of home-made, vegan, googly eyes they really pack a punch in the healthy alternatives arena.

Find out how to make them here, and if you read through the recipe, you'll also see the link for the googly eye recipe. Enjoy!

Monster apples

Via Forkandbeans.com

Boonilla  Milkshake

A massive hit in our house, simply mix milk, vanilla ice-cream and a dash of vanilla flavouring together and cream on the top.  I've also tried this with WheyHey protein-based, sugar-free ice-cream and it works perfectly well, so give it a whirl!

You can find the recipe here, woooooohooooooo!

Ghost milkshakes

Via Lil'Luna.com

Spooky sausage mummies

Ready in 30 minutes, these spooky sausage mummies will fill your little ones tum without the sweet sugar overload, phew. Find out what you need and how to put them together here.

Via Sainsburys

Cheese and pretzel broomsticks

An easy a delicious treat for any would-be spooker, these cheese and pretzel broomsticks will be gone in a flash. Long pretzels for the handle, cheese strings sliced finely to make the broom and chives to 'tie' it together, brilliant. You can find out how to put them together here.

Via onelittleproject.com

Tortilla bats

All you need here are tortilla wraps and seasoning, plus salsa ingredients. They make a fantastic snack if kids are on the go. Another serving idea would be to serve with humous - add a few drops of green or red food colouring in if you want to jazz it up to be more Halloween themed. Find out more here.

Via Sainsburys

Tangerine pumpkins and ghostly bananas

If you want something eye-catching and fun, but definitely on the healthy option side, then these beauties are right up there. All you need to do is pop a piece of celery in to the tangerine, a couple of small choc chips in to the banana and hey presto! Simple :) You can see more here

Via Flo and Grace

Rattle sticks and blood soup

This idea is great if you want to get the kids to eat something a bit more wholesome. Simple using pizza dough, cut it in to strips, and curling it around a wooden spoon will get you the rattle snake of your dreams....then use pieces of black olive for eyes and chillies or red pepper for the forked tongue.

You can find further info here (although it talks about shop bought pizza dough, and as I couldn't find a stockist in the UK, I've included Jamie Oliver's pizza dough recipe here).

Via Countryliving.com

Melon monster

This would make a fantastic centrepiece to any Halloween party table (or birthday party!). Simply carve out the watermelon and mix the fruit with other fruit of your choice for a mouth-watering treat. You can use courgettes or cucumber and blueberries for the eyes, just prick them through with a cocktail stick. 

Via Baby.co.uk

Cheesy eyeballs

Definitely one to make the kids scream with delight, these cheesy eyeballs are easy to make. All you need to do is take a babybel cheese, paint some veins on the food colouring, add a sliced olive for the iris and then add ketchup or an alternative for the pupil. Find out more here.

Via listotic.com

Watermelon brain 

If you want to go completely ghoulish, then why not try making your own watermelon brain? It's sure to get the kids squirming in the seats as they tuck in! You can find out how to do it here...it's on our list to try!

Via instructables.com


Happy Halloween everyone!

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