BearGood FAQ's

Just in case you have any questions, we have put together some answers to questions you may have. If there's something that we haven't covered please let us know,via email on, twitter or facebook and we will get straight back to you. 

Where are your bears made?

BearGood bears are made with love in Great Britain. All our bears have been handmade by a super team of teddy bear specialists in England.

What are your bears made of?

We try and source as much material as we can from within the UK. Our bears use natural fabric that has been sourced direct from weaving mill in Todmorden, Lancashire. We use moleskine and corduroy for our bears, and expect to extend the types of materials we use as we introduce new bears. Our bears are stuffed with polyester. Some of the internal fittings in the jointed bears may be sourced abroad. 

Can I buy bears in any shops?

Not at the moment. Our bears are only available online and at events we attend. We’re hoping that as we grow we will stock in retailers, and will update any news on this website as it happens.

Can I wash my bear?

Although we have opted for plastic joints rather than wood in our jointed bears, we wouldn’t recommend that they are put in the washing machine. We recommend that all the types of bears are surface washed with warm soapy water and blow dried.

Are the bears suitable for children?

Yes, the bears are safety checked and CE certificated making them safe for children and adults alike.

What is the difference between a jointed bear and non-jointed bear?

Our Buster and Elby bears are fully jointed. This means that their arms, legs and head move 360 degrees, and they are firmer to the touch. They are made to last a lifetime, so don’t be scared to play with them! Our non-jointed bears are simply filled with polyester and feel soft and cuddly.

Can I get a specific numbered jointed bear?

If you have a favourite or special number, such as a birth date, and you would like to have the bear with that number then please let us know. We produce 60 of each bear, so if the number is still available we will of course send that one to you.