Support for education

Pencils of Promise was founded on the belief that even a small gesture, like handing a child a single pencil, is an important act, and that every individual has something meaningful to contribute to the greater good.

Unbelievably, there are 250 million children of primary school age who are unable to read, write or do basic mathematics. This is one of the reasons that BearGood has chosen to support PoP, and raise funds through donating a percentage of our sales to this fabulous non-profit organisation.

Where does Pencils of Promise work?

Today, PoP works in Laos, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ghana and has broken ground on over 200 pre and primary schools in remote and underserved regions. Each school was made possible by a person, a family or a company united by the goal of creating a better world through education. PoP is expanding teacher training, student scholarship, and community engagement programmes to create a scalable model for a complete education.

How do PoP make it happen?

Pencils of Promise work with a country’s education ministry to identify villages for potential school builds, prioritising those with the greatest need and commitment to sustainability. Working with the community, they build the school with village volunteers, local labourers and PoP contractors.

Once the school has been completed and handed over to the village and education ministry, Pencils of Promise help sustain and support the school through supplemental programming including scholarships and teacher training. Learn more about the scholarships here.

If you'd like to know more about Pencils of Promise, please take a look at their website