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Children should get more out of life than simply surviving

We are delighted to be working with SOS Children’s Villages UK who work to ensure that children all around the world grow up in a stable environment where they feel safe, loved and supported. 

SOS Children’s Villages UK believes that only providing children with the minimum they need to survive, such as food and water, is not enough. Children should get more out of life than simply surviving.

Here at Bear Good, we understand the importance of love, care and nurture and know the simple joy a teddy bear can bring to a child. Through the sale of our gorgeous products we want to support children to not only simply survive but thrive. We believe it’s every child’s right and through supporting SOS Children’s Villages UK we will help prevent the physical and emotional suffering that stops children from having the chance to grow up to become independent, resilient, confident and kind self-reliant adults.

Understanding the importance of the work that SOS does throughout the world:

A new SOS family for abandoned sisters in India

When a shopkeeper spotted two young girls wandering alone through the Faridabad train station in India, he initially assumed their parents must be close by. He kept an eye on them waiting for someone to come – but no one ever did.

The sisters, just three or four years old, had been abandoned with only a small burlap rice sack containing a few matching dresses. 

This is an all too familiar occurrence in India, which is home to 11 million abandoned children. Most of the abandoned girls in India never find a home. Thankfully, the sisters were amongst the lucky ones. The shopkeeper alerted the police, who bought them to the SOS village community near Delhi where they have joined an SOS family.

“They are lucky to have reached us safely,” Tsewang Paldon, Director of SOS Children’s Villages Faridabad said. “Alone at the railway station anything could have happened to them.”

SOS Children’s Village community in Faridabad takes in at least four abandoned children a month. The children are offered emergency care while child welfare authorities attempt to locate their guardians. If they cannot- or if returning home would be unsafe for them – they are offered a permanent home with an SOS family.

The girls’ SOS Mother Jharna says they have settled in well with their new brothers and sisters, “They are happy here – and that is what matters now.”

This is just one example of how SOS Children’s Villages protects vulnerable children and their families worldwide. By buying a Bear Good protect you will be part of a community supporting children who are all alone and parents who are struggling to cope.