Support for caring environments

We are delighted to announce the first charity that we will be supporting through Bear Good is SOS Children's Villages. SOS Children believes that every child should grow up in a caring family environment. Worldwide, SOS Children try to achieve this in two ways. Firstly, where children are at risk of neglect and abandonment, SOS community programmes keep more than 25,000 children with their families.  Secondly, for children who are left completely alone, SOS Children provide new families and homes. SOS mothers care for 5,000 children giving them love and security in 32 SOS Children’s Villages.  


Since 2011, SOS Children UK has been reaching out to children in Chipata, Eastern Zambia, to ensure that they can grow up within a stable and positive family environment. We will be helping support SOS Children’s vital work in Chipata, with our donations specifically going towards their work on healthcare.

In a country with only 700 trained doctors for a population of 13 million it is not surprising that 1 in 6 children in Chipata will not live to see their fifth birthday. More than half of them could be saved through simple measures, so SOS are tackling preventable diseases by bringing healthcare to communities in desperate need of help: vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS affected families, child and grandparent-headed families, pregnant women and newborn babies.

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